Kamis, 14 November 2013

Translate from: Galician London remains a destination for shopping

They just give out the favorite destinations for shopping in Europe and it is certainly a good option to know the most popular destinations for those tourists who travel with intent to do some shopping fashion , gift items and other options. Highlight the city of London as the city that has obtained the highest score among the cities across Europe have taken part in this ranking .

London remains a very interesting and appealing to tourists along their journeys to shopping thanks to the wide variety of trendy shops and other types of shops on offer, and the importance of the brands are established in the capital of England , followed logically from Paris.

Anyway very close and right with the same score are both Madrid and Barcelona , who follow closely by London which are also very competitive cities in this regard and assorted shops usually offer high quality and which are usually set all tourists.

Thus it is interesting to know that these four cities are favored when shopping in Europe and the tourists usually be clear which are cities where you can find a lot of fashion stores, which is what is normally interested more . Shopping is one of the great attractions for tourists and why London is a perfect destination to do some shopping.